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UNIVERSAL LTD MID-Century Retro TV Stand

UNIVERSAL LTD MID-Century Retro TV Stand

The UNIVERSAL LTD MID-Century Retro Style TV Stand has a unique look to it that would look great in a variety of different décor. 

If you are looking for a new TV stand that stands out from the crowd and creates a focal point in your room, this may just be what you’ve been looking for. We really like the retro style of this stand and it also comes in a variety of different color options which means you can choose the perfect color to fit in with the design and décor of your living space. 

This type of retro furniture is really making a come back recently and is something that will make a real statement in your home. It will create an awesome place to display your modern TV. There is something super cool about having an older looking, retro style piece of furniture that is used to display a modern and hi tech electronic device, it just works extremely well and complement each other beautifully.

This TV stand is not only about the aesthetics and style. It is suitable for fairly large televisions and also has a very nice amount of storage space on offer, this makes it not only super stylish but also very practical for someone who is looking for a piece of furniture that is not only stylish and trendy but also somewhere to store and display the huge amount of modern electronic devices that we use these days.

There are also multiple styles available for the UNIVERSAL LTD MID-Century Retro Style TV Stand.

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Retro TV stand with a modern twist

Simple assembly

Suitable for up to 78″ TV’s

Cable management holes

Plenty of storage


70.9 x 15.2 x 26.6 inches


Unique retro design with a modern twist

Lots of open and hidden storage space

Simple, easy to follow assembly instructions

Available in 8 different styles

Strong and sturdy


The unique design may not appeal to all


This TV stand by Universal LTD has a quirky design with a modern twist that would look at home in a variety of different styles of décor. We like the fact that it has a nice mix of open storage as well as hidden storage space for all or your DVDs, media accessories or any other devices or items that you wish to store in this very stylish piece of furniture.

This TV stand is strong, sturdy, well made and is also super simple to assemble which is a big plus. If you like this style of TV stand and want something that’s a little different that will stand out and create a real talking point in your home, this is definitely going to be the right TV stand for you!

There are quite a few options if you are looking for a retro TV console but this is by far our favorite, purely for the fact that it combines the best of both worlds when it comes to design and usability. It has a beautiful retro look and design to it while being super practical with plenty of storage space, what more could you want?

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Additional information for TV stands with a retro style:

Retro TV

Choosing a stand for your TV that has a retro style is not only going to make your living space feel more unique but it is also going to add a piece of furniture that will be a focal point in your home and something that is going to impress your family and friends.

Retro furniture is not something that everyone is going to want and to be perfectly honest, it is not going to be something that will fit in with the vast majority of decor. Essentially what I’m saying is that a retro style is not for everyone. But it can definitely be something that works extremely well in the right setting, with things that are going to complement and enhance the current style and decor of your home living space.

That being said, including a retro piece of furniture into a modern home can be something that creates a unique look that can work extremely well. The trick is finding a perfect balance between modern and old school retro. Essentially, it’s a matter of taste and ultimately it’s up to you to decide whether or not you think a TV stand of this style will look good in your home.

This style of retro furniture is not set to go out of style any time soon, that means it is definitely something that you should consider when choosing your new TV stand.

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